What if on-site security was a company-wide goal?

Many traditional HSE tools focus on the manager's day-to-day, burdening their team with long and tedious top-down reporting processes. But what happens when the implied workload of reporting acts as a deterrent?

Issues go underreported, breaches remain active, and security vulnerabilities become latent –putting your operation and people at risk.

Our Solution

SOSAFE solves this by making it easy and quick to report any security risk, helping curb the behaviors and attitudes that hinder reporting rates.

And by empowering everyone in the organization to catch and report issues, SOSAFE turns each field worker into a vulnerabilities detector –complementing your existing HSE tools and systems.


  • No user enrollment required, just download the SOSAFE mobile app & start reporting.
  • Custom touch buttons to report the tasks and risks relevant to your operation: inspections, housekeeping, damaged assets, etc.
  • No forms, fields, or tagging are needed for on-site reporting
  • Open to everyone on the field, including external providers or partners
  • GPS data allows to quickly find report location
  • Solid architecture (1.2 mn users), GDPR compliant
"We are very happy with SOSAFE. It has allowed us to manage more than 50 possible daily risks in Escondida, it was such a success that we expanded it to all BHP operations in Chile, and we would like it to expand to the rest of BHP's operations in the world." — William Thomson, Head of Technology BHP


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