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Mexico City, courtesy of Jezael Melgoza @Unsplash

Managing communities' feeling of unsafety is a tricky thing. Even if actual crime rates are low, people still tend to feel vulnerable in their neighborhoods and districts.

SOSAFE facilitates public safety in municipal territories by enabling active communication and collaboration between neighbors, authorities, and security services.

Our Solution

SOSAFE makes it possible to know everything happening in a given community, with real time data to identify and get ahead of the risk factors driving local perceptions of unsafety.


  • Foster proactive neighborhood collaboration and participation
  • Centralize all municipal communications in one channel
  • Improve the visibility of public safety efforts
  • Obtain synergies with local security and neighborhood support services
  • Identify crime and community safety hotspots in any municipal territory
  • Statistics and dashboards for better decision-making and resource prioritization
""SOSAFE has definitely changed our lives for the better. In addition to being more connected to our communities, the police has greatly improved response times to a wide range of public safety events" - Claudia Pizarro, Mayor of La Pintana Municipality


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